Concept Designing for a Hotel/Restaurant

Concept Designing for a Hotel/Restaurant

Concept Designing for a Hotel/Restaurant
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In the olden times, there isn't much of a profession called a hotel interior designer. Hospitality establishments operate merely to accommodate pilgrims, itinerants, and roaming traders. The innkeeper's friendliness and the affordability of the room's rates were mostly the considerations aside from its accessibility. But as time passed and social conditions and outlooks evolved, a popular preference for more aesthetic lodgings gradually pushed owners to renovate and redesign not only the architecture of their buildings but more so beautify its interiors with creative and functional facilities. Lodgings and hotels took on unique characteristics of defined sentiments, distinctive themes, and worked-through concepts.

While it remains true that the influence of medieval romantic style remains a standard from which most designs depart, the advent of advanced technologies along with the rediscovery of ancient traditions has resulted to the combination of modes, affecting apparently contrasting layers which nonetheless embody unified meanings, at which even the differences in the cultures of the temporary inhabitants of the hotel seems perfectly into the sense of the diverse materials used.

The hotel interior designer is the key. The fascination and challenge of design have always been in attempting a kind of restraint and maturity, so to speak, in each of the pieces that exclaim the outburst of the artist's innate musings. It is a movement that wants to draw from the ordinariness of materials used, mysterious feelings, a strike of awe and absorption into the world reflected by the immediate environment.

A creditable hotel interior designer is one who is capable of not only pulling together a concept or theme and being able to blend in the colors of the furniture to the walls and from up the ceiling down to the floor, but likewise being able to illustrate through or by the lack of accessorizing garments and shingles and dangles, how cozy the place is and what experience could transcend in its premises.

For this designer, function and the basics of an organization may follow tradition, but the simplicity or complexity of the atmosphere, the likability of the thought distinct to the vicinity, gives the hotel its name. So, today's hotel interior designer embraces the convention of aiming for that perfect balance of standing out yet sounding completely organic, finding a more practical set of scales between marketability and creative play.

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