Estimate for Interior Decoration

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Estimate for Interior Decoration

It usually demands a significant amount of attention to detail and it involves much more than just the decoration of the interior of the spaces. The design projects address much wider issues including:

  • Design and maximization of space.
  • Eco-friendly build and renovation.
  • Ceiling and lighting options.
  • Power and plumbing systems.
  • And even commissioning data and voice communications systems to meet demand.

This work requires the experts to have a good grasp of architecture, as well as an artistic sense for creating attractive settings within the space.

Quantity take-offs for interior finishes measure all the visible surfaces within a building. This includes the ceiling, flooring, and walls. Each space or room within a building should be independently taken-off. A simple matrix similar to a Room Finish Schedule should be developed. This may require more upfront work to create this tool, however, it is often helpful in case an assumption of a space is incorrect or changes are requested. The room matrix can be easily adjusted without having to perform more takeoffs.

Ceilings and Flooring are measured by the horizontal square footage (SQ FT). Wall Base is measured by the perimeter of the space, or linear footage (LN FT). Wall tile, wall treatment, and painting are measured by the vertical square footage (SQ FT). There are some unique items that may be counted (EACH) or carried as an allowance (ALLO) at this point in the estimating process.
For spaces that are square or rectangular, it is simple to calculate the area by multiplying the width by the length. Often there are irregular spaces that require more complex geometry calculations, especially spaces that have angular or curved walls. When measuring irregular spaces, an estimator should measure slightly beyond the room, especially at cut-outs to account for waste and slower production rates at these areas. There are several take-off software programs out in the market and within the industry that can assist in calculating these types of spaces. If the ceiling and flooring are measured on the same floor plan, use a hatch pattern for one of the two items and a solid color for the other to help distinguish them from each other.
In addition to taking off the floor and ceiling area of a space, the perimeter of the room should also be
calculated. This will be used for not only the wall base but also to help estimate other wall surfaces. The height of the space also needs to be calculated. Often the height of a space is not available on the
Schematic Drawings. In this case, a standard wall height of 10’ per story can be assumed. For the wall 6 area, it may be necessary to adjust if there is glazing, casework or other furnishings on the wall. For items like doors, frames, exposed metal or other single items, these should be individually counted for painting during the estimating process.
An allowance is often used at this phase of the design process. This may be for special drop soffits that may become part of the design, or possibly for an accent wall or other wall graphics not yet designed.

Project Specific Factors to Consider in Takeoff and Pricing
There are some specific factors to consider when pricing interior finishes at any phase of the design
documents. The quantity, location, and weather - all have an impact on the cost of interior finishes.
Consideration of all three of these factors is important during this phase of the estimating process.
Small Quantities vs. Large Quantities
The general rule of thumb that there are cost savings for larger volume applies to interior finishes. When there are large spaces or several similar spaces, the labor productivity for installation increases and a number of material waste decreases. Furthermore, manufacturers often provide discounted pricing for the high volume of materials. For smaller spaces, the finish work is generally more tedious. There are more cut-outs and this is much more labor intensive. Also, there are some fixed pricing items on projects, such as equipment, that proportionally burdens smaller projects more verse being spread out over a larger project. Estimate for Interior Decoration, Interior Design in Mumbai, Interior design firms in Mumbai, Interior design Mumbai, Mandir Designs, Commercial interior designers in Mumbai, 
Estimate for Interior Decoration
Geographic Location
The location of the project within the United States generally has an effect on the cost of interior finishes.
The labor rates will vary from area to area. It is important to take into consideration, demographics during the estimating process. A highly populated area such as New York or California, for example, will have higher labor rates due to the higher cost of living versus a more rural area. There may also be a transportation factor depending on the location of a project. A project in a more rural area may require materials to be shipped a much longer distance. Remote projects may also require workers to stay in temporary lodging.
Seasonal effect on work
Most interior finish work can only be installed once a project is reasonably weather enclosed. High levels of moisture and low temperatures restrict the installation of finishes. In some warmer areas of the country, the weather is not as much of a factor for construction. However, in the Northern part of the Country, the schedule for the interior finishes is much more restricted during the winter season. In these parts of the Country, there may be a higher cost to complete the work in the Spring/Summer when there is a high demand to complete as much work as possible during the peak construction season. The cost to install finishes may be lower during the winter season when contractors are looking to keep their employees steadily working through down seasons, however, this can easily be offset on the overall construction budget with the cost of temporary enclosures and heat.
In summary, factors such as; quantity, location, and schedule all affect the pricing of interior finishes for a project. An estimator should always take into consideration these aspects and be able to adjust or modify their unit pricing accordingly by these factors. Also, an estimator should always include a list of assumptions, clarifications, and exclusions within their estimate as to how the estimate was derived. Estimate for Interior Decoration
Overview of Labor, Material, Equipment, Indirect Costs and Approach to Markups
At the schematic design phase, many of the costs and percentages for interior finishes are based upon
the industry standard, time tested historical data from other similar type projects.
Labor, Material, and Equipment
The labor, material, and equipment costs for interior finishes are generally calculated as a single unit
price. These unit prices have been developed over time. The general rule of thumb for these unit prices is that the material is about half the cost and installation is the other half. The cost of the material is generally known and slightly increases over the years.
An estimator may use the actual labor and equipment costs of a crew from a recently completed project and back this into the area of the previous project. This will give a relatively accurate labor and material unit cost.
Indirect Costs and markup
The indirect costs and markup are usually an industry standard percentage at the Schematic Design
phase of the project. The indirect costs typically cover a contingency for both design and construction.
These percentages may vary depending on the type of project and comfort level in the design. The
Design Contingency could cover any material upgrades as the design progresses. The Construction
Contingency covers changes in the project during construction.
The indirect costs also cover any general conditions items such bonds/insurance, submittals, dumpsters, or other temporary measures necessary to complete the work. The markup on the project can vary depending on the delivery method. This could range between 5%-10% on a typical project. Generally, the higher the risk to the contractor on the project, the higher the markup range.
Special Risk Considerations
There are a few other major factors to consider in pricing interior finishes that can also affect cost. These are; new construction vs renovations, open specifications vs sole source, and project schedule.
New Construction vs. Renovations
Interior finish pricing can be impacted by the type of construction project. On a new project, there may be several coordination issues with other aspects of the project. Issues such as ductwork and piping runs may require a drywall soffit ceiling transition. A drywall drop soffit is a much higher unit cost than a typical lay in the ceiling or a standard drywall ceiling.
New concrete floors require a long period of time to properly cure to remove the moisture before flooring can be installed. If the proper moisture level is not met, the floor adhesive may not work. Sometimes a sealer is applied to ensure proper adhesion of the flooring and to meet the project schedule.
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Estimate for Interior Decoration

On a renovation project, there may be a lot more cutting and patching or protection to existing surfaces.
There can also exist, some hidden conditions such as a poor floor under carpeting or tile. This may
require an extensive amount of floor preparation before the new floor can be installed. Hazardous
material such as asbestos and lead paint is also a concern in renovations. An estimator should request a copy of any inspections from the client. This should also be noted on the estimate.
Open Specifications vs. Sole Source 
Most projects have at least 2 to 3 equivalent manufacturers listed in the specifications for many items, including interior finishes. This is done to keep the manufacturers honest and the pricing competitive.
However, some projects may have only one acceptable product. This sole source specification may exist because the project has to match existing finishes or the product provides a certain aesthetic value to the design. This may place a slight premium on the cost of the material. Another risk with sole source manufacturers may be the lead time of unique finishes. Some products are produced overseas. If this is  11 the case, the estimator should contact the manufacturer and request pricing and lead times in lieu of assuming the pricing based upon previous projects. This is an opportunity to educate the client and/or designer to the situation and suggest opening the specification to other manufacturers. This can be done as alternates to help establish some bid protection in the project.
Project Schedule The project schedule may affect the pricing of interior finishes. If the work must be completed outside of the traditional day shift or within a compressed schedule, additional costs for labor, material and other direct costs may need to be included. Some projects are scheduled to run multiple shifts to expedite the project without having multiple trades within the same space. The mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors may work the day shift and the interior finish trades follow behind at night. The work may also be scheduled for after core work hours so as not to disrupt the daily operations of the client. Many times a client will evaluate this premium cost of construction option versus the cost to temporarily shut down or relocate their business.
Estimate for Interior Decoration, Interior Design in Mumbai, Interior design firms in Mumbai, Interior design Mumbai, Mandir Designs, Commercial interior designers in Mumbai, 

Estimate for Interior Decoration, Interior Design in Mumbai, Interior design firms in Mumbai, Interior design Mumbai, Mandir Designs, Commercial interior designers in Mumbai, 

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