Difference between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

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Difference between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

We all need a service to personalize our living space at least once in our lifetime be it for work or home. It is very necessary that we are comfortable with the work done in customizing our space because once it is done, the expense to revert or change it again cannot be feasible.
So, once we have decided to make our working and living environment beautiful and comfortable, there arises a question, ‘from whom?’.
Here is a brief and easy explanation to clear out your confusion between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator.

Difference between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

What do they exactly do?
Firstly, it is important to know what needs to be done, before we look for whom do we need. So, here we go:
Basically, an Interior Designer is much more qualified and professional than a Decorator.
A Designer is a person who is involved in the process from the very beginning phase of building a structure. Whereas a Decorator is trained to make a structured look and feel according to what’s needed.
A designer can plan to make structural changes like breaking walls or making partitions, unlike a decorator who can make changes in placing various properties like furniture, electronics, show pieces, etc.
Their abilities and skills.
Mostly, an Interior decorator has the skill of arranging properties, selecting color combinations for walls and furniture.
An Interior Designer can do all a decorator can do, plus the big changes and decisions of properties and structure
For eg. there is a big room to be turned into an office, the designer can decide how should the partitions be done for different workspaces, how much lighting is needed for the cells, what color combinations shall be used for the walls and furniture to make a pleasant working space. For a Flat, he can suggest things like merging rooms, arrange showpieces and furniture and much more.
Whereas, a decorator can decide the color combinations, placing of objects and how the ambiance of the office or home should be.

Whom do we need?
So, whom shall we choose? A Decorator or a Designer?
Basically, if you own a pre-built flat or an office, you need a decorator.
Though they aren’t professionals, your work will be done, just make sure he is established in the market to ensure he has the proper qualities.
In the case of building a structure, a professional Interior Designer is the only and best option.

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